Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Embrace It, Let It Go: Happy New Year!

Embrace It, Let It Go: Happy New Year!
Originally uploaded by ojodorado (Happy Holidays!)

Goodbye 2008. It's been a challenging, though ultimately rewarding, year for me personally--walking across the U.S. with the Longest Walk, then messing up my arm and shoulder and spending far more time than I would have anticipated recovering from that--which ultimately forced me to focus on my health in a good way.

A friend recently sent me an astrological report on 2009, predicting a real roller coaster year. But I don't think we need astrology to tell us that--we have a new president, a collapsing economy, yep it looks like we are in for it.

The astro report indicates we'll be able to ride it out if we let those things dissolve that need to dissolve, and trust that there will be something left over. In fact, we may discover that we had more than we thought we did all along.

Best wishes to y'all in the New Year!


Neo said...

Hi Lisa....what is your phone number..Ive tried to call you and Tanya called me looking for you too..are you in S America or CA...Robin

Susan Dorf said...

hey lisa gee. this phot looks familiar. reminds me of our last visit, wandering the streets with our cameras looking for treasures.
happy new year, amiga!
(btw-you can see my version of this image on my blog: in case you forgot)