Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Beth Pewther: Living Art" at the Bernal Outdoor Cinema Awards Night, October 7, 2014

Thanks to all who showed up at the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Festival  screening of the film "Beth Pewther: Living Art".    You undoubtedly helped make this happen: 


The votes are in and tallied. (Drumroll, please) And there is a "first ever" tie for theAudience Award. The winners are Lisa Garrigues for BETH PEWTER and Jason Joseffer for BUG-EYED. Both filmmakers are Bernal residents and filmmakers who have submitted films to Outdoor Cinema in past seasons. Congratulations Lisa and Jason! We'll see you on October 7th!

For those who didn't attend Opening Night for the announcements, the Best of Bernal award was presented to Joe Talbot for LAST BLACK MAN IN AMERICA. The Spirit of Bernal award went to Helen Hood Scheer for THE APOTHECARY.

I'm looking forward to the Awards Night reception and screening on October 7, from 7-9:30PM at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco.   See you there!

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